What to do if…

…you see a nesting turtle or a nest?

Some info:

Marine turtles nesting season in Egypt goes from late April to October. While most nesting sites are located on islands where access is forbidden, sporadic nesting also occur along the coastline, so you might be really lucky and experience this event!

In case you are witnessing such an event, this is what you should do:

  • Keep all noise to a minimum, turtles are easily scared when on land!
  • Switch off all lights, turtles feel safer in the darkness,
  • Keep a distance of 10-15 m, give the turtle some space! Make sure you are always behind the turtle in semi-circle.
  • Don’t touch, move or try to ‘hep’ the turtle. If you think the turtle is in distress, please contact us.
  • If you want to take pictures, DON’T use the flash, always use an infrared light!

…you see a turtle nesting track?

During nesting season (late April to October) you can be lucky enough to see nesting tracks during your early morning walks! A turtle track is almost like a car or quad track, but with only one wheel! Tracks start from the water line and go back to the water.

If you see a track, please:

  • Contact the beach manager (if there is no beach manager, please contact your guide),
  • Report your sighting to us using our Facebook page or through a private message,
  • Take pictures!


More information can be found on our flyers, available for download: