Share your sightings

How to share your turtle sightings with us

Step 1: Send us your photos or videos with facials profiles of your turtle sightings

Step 2: Add some data:

Minimum required information:

  • Dive center: with which dive center did you go for a dive?
  • Photos by: who is the photographer?
  • Date: when was the turtle spotted?
  • Location: where were you when the turtle was spotted?
  • Permission to share your pictures: can we use your pictures for our educational material?

Optional info:

  • Depth: at which depth were you when you saw a turtle?
  • Water  temperature: what was the temperature of the water?
  • Species: can you say what species of turtle it was?
  • Activity at first sight: what was the turtle doing when you first spotted it?
  • Approx. Size: compared to the size of your fins or your buddy, how long was the turtle’s carapace?
  • Sex: did you see a very long tail (longer than the rear flippers) or a short tail?
  • Other info: here you can put anything you would like to share with us.

Step 3: Share your sighting with us!

You can:

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For more information, you can download the Turtlewatch manual, ID cards for all turtle species, a flyer and a poster on the side of this page.


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